What is Subscription Font -

iFontCloud Subscription Font provides genuine font authorization and allows fonts to be downloaded from cloud to use on your computer. And through the cloud synchronization mechanism, fonts added or modified by font designers can also be updated in real-time so that users can acquire newest fonts.(Feel free to contact us if you have further question and service needed.)

Commercial use allowed -

In order to protect the intellectual property rights and make it convenient for members to use, the fonts can be used for personal or commercial usages. Please refer to the font software usage authorization letter of this service for the authorization range.

Cloud management system -

The number of authorization required can be purchased according to different needs. An account can be used and managed easily on any PC or Mac.

Friendly management interface -

Font files are stored on cloud for easy use and management of the font library.

Fonts can be installed and removed quickly and easily through the tools list.

No need to worry about updates -

When the font content is modified or updated, the user terminal will also be updated in real-time.

You can choose Single/Pack font -

Go Browse for searching Single font plan.
See Pack font plan as table below.

What is Web Font? -

Web font is a technology that displays typefaces used on a webpage on the browser of various platforms using true text. You can select suitable fonts for a website so that users browsing the website can also see it, and no longer just the plain default font of the computer.(Feel free to contact us if you have further question and service needed.)

Responsive Web Design -

The layout of the page can be changed dynamically according to different reading devices.

Consistent visual experience -

Unified sensation of cross-application platform, high quality vector fonts.


Texts used in the webpage allow search engines to resolve the page more easily.

Subsetting -

Effectively compresses the file size of the font and allows data transfer to be more efficient.

Affordable plans -

若企業用戶有網頁字型Web Font服務之需求,請聯絡文鼎業務人員,我們將協助您找出最合適的解決方案


Authorization range

Download the userguide for iFontCloud Web Font